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Welcome to A Campy Guide to Archery

Now, I'm not an archer myself. I've got musculoskeletal problems that prevent me from trying out this terrific sport. Boy, but if I could, I would just love to place the arrow in its nocking point, draw back and hear the whistle of the arrow as it is soars through the air to zing the target. BULLSEYE … or close. I'd be happy if it hit the outer ring. But, that's just a dream.

So, what I am is an archery fan. I'm not here to teach anyone anything; I'll leave that to the experts. What I am here for is to gather as much neat stuff and information as I can about archery and put it all here in this blog.

I like the idea of aiming at and actually hitting a target. When I was young, I almost always stood back and aimed my empty can (or whatever was crumpled up enough to throw away) at the garbage container. It was very satisfying when it actually went in. Even now after reaching maturity, I still sometimes give in to temptation and give it a try. That's why I wish I could take up a real sport like archery so I could look and act mature while indulging my urge to hit a target.

Of course I could have chosen range shooting as the subject of this blog, but I like archery much better than range shooting because:
  • Using a bow and arrow is much quieter than using a rifle.
  • Arrows don't start fires like bullets do -- that I know of anyway.
  • It's easier to clean an archery set than it is a gun.
  • You can build better arm muscles using a bow than you can by using a gun.
  • You can never get arrested for concealing a bow and arrow like you can with a gun.
  • Archery misfires aren't as dangerous as gun misfires, and
  • There's much less guilt that goes with buying an archery set than with buying a gun.

That said, I will go on to clarify what my meaning of campy is and why I’m using it in the title of my blog. Plain and simple, it's the closest word I could find that almost describes my feeble attempt at being entertaining. It's not any of the other definitions you find when you look the word up online. I would be thrilled if someone visited my campy blog and got something positive out of it.

I will close this post by presenting a crude drawing I did of what I'd like to see a bow and arrow used for:

All images © 2014 Mary Anderer

The bowsling, THE BOWSLING!

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