Indoor vs Outdoor Archery

Indoor Archery at Home

Is there such a thing? I haven’t really looked into it, but it seems to me it would need to be a mighty big house to accommodate shooting arrows inside your home. I guess it would be okay if you lived alone and didn’t care what got destroyed when you missed the target, or maybe if you had an unfinished basement with no electrical or gas lines to accidentally pierce, not to mention the water lines, or maybe if you had a wall-sized target so nothing else could be damaged it could work.

I guess it’s just plain silly to think of shooting arrows in one’s home. Am I wrong?

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s take a look at the research results I’ve found on indoor and outdoor archery. Some of the information I’m sure all archer pros have already heard many times, so this will be as sort of a reminder. I’m sure those just learning about the sport will get the most from this article.

Indoor Archery

Obviously, indoor archery is for those times when it’s too cold to shoot outdoors as in late fall, winter, and early spring. No one can shoot well if their fingers are numb from an icy wind blowing, and no one wants to wait until warm weather to arrive to engage in the sport. Thus, the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) arranged for warm, cozy arenas to carry out the game.

Some of the things to know about indoor archery are:
  • There are many tournaments to attend or be in such as the famous Las Vegas Shoot. It is the largest and most celebrated tournament of all that spans three days and offers cash prizes.
  • The shooting distance is 20 yards (18.3 meters).
  • The two rounds have different targets, such as the single-, three-, and five-spot targets.
Outdoor Archery

Yep. Outdoor archery is for the warm times of the year. There’s nothing like walking a “wooded” course with a warm breeze blowing at your back while in search of your next target. It gives you a freer feeling than when confined by four walls.

Here are the main things to know about outdoor archery:
  • The targets are variable from 10 (9.1) to 80 (73.2) yards (meters) in realistic environments.
  • Depending on what kind of round you are doing, the targets can be circular or in the shape of an animal. 
  • The three round forms are called Field, Animal, or Hunter.
Or if you’re not in a competition, you go anywhere they allow bow hunting, but remember: all sports have rules and it pays to know and follow those rules whether in competition or not.

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