Really Dumb Questions About Archery

Because questions arise every time a person learns something new, we’ve just got to ask. Sometimes we’re afraid to ask for appearing completely idiotic, but it’s worth the risk just so we can find out. And then there are other times when the questions we ask really are dumb. Below is a list of some pretty silly ones I've run onto.

Warning: Common sense should tell you NOT try to experiment to find an answer to any of these questions; it's why they're included in a dumb question category and the results could be lethal.
  1. Wouldn't it add variety if the practice targets could be other shapes besides just a circle?
  2. Why are animal rights activists still letting the center of the target be called a bulls-eye?
  3. What would happen if you shot an arrow straight up in the air?
  4. Is it okay to shoot into the wind?
  5. Can you shoot your arrow while running?
  6. What would happen if an arrow was boomerang-shaped?
  7. Will they ever invent an electronic bow?
  8. Why is that bag that holds arrows called a quiver and who decided it should be?
  9. Could you use the bow and arrow to pull a loose tooth?
  10. What came first, the arrow or the bow?
  11. See Comic panel for number 11.

* * *

I’ll add more if I run onto any. If you’d like to add yours, just use the Contact Us form and I’ll be glad to add it and give you credit (or not depending on if you want credit).